Собрание Музея нонконформистского искусства
Today the Museum of Nonconformist Art collection consists of 3123 pieces, and photo reproductions for 927 of them are available in the Digital collection.

Mainly the works from the MoNA collection date between the 1950s and early 21 century. The core of the collection form the works by nonconformist artists of the second wave, from the Brezhnev epoch to the Post soviet times. They represent diverse art groups and unions (the Arefiev's circle, Sidlin group, Sterligov group, etc.), took part in apartment exhibitions in 1970-1980s, and there are members of the Gaza-Nevsky culture among them. A significant part of the collection works are created by the artists of the Pushkinskaya-10 art centre,and by members of the Free Culture Society.

Graphics (1649 items) and paintings (1065 items) prevail in the collection, while photography (279 items), sculpture and objects (130 items) are also presented. The predominance of graphics can be explained by the fact that it was the most accessible technique for unofficial artists of soviet times. Among 413 authors of the collection works there are 82 women and 331 men. Acknowledging the context of nonconformist art and the hardships of being an underground artist, such correlation can be seen as acceptable.

The collection keeps on growing. Currently, the only limiting factor is the lack of storage spaces.

Link to the collection: https://www.nonmuseum.ru/collection/
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