Digitalization has been a central issue for museums worldwide for quite a while. Mobile apps, digital collections, virtual reality experiments - it's hard to imagine a contemporary museum without new technologies and digital instruments. Still, never before had such a digital boom happened to museums, as with the pandemic. Unexpected changes we were to face in March 2020 proved once again the necessity of online and hybrid formats for the museum work, and we used the following a year and a half to elaborate adequate digital strategies. We understood that the future and sustainability of our museum equally depends on offline and online activities. And balancing resources between the real and virtual worlds is the key.

The MoNA+ platform is created in order to unite and develop digital services dedicated to the heritage of the USSR unofficial culture. At the same time, it is the basis for the MoNA digital strategy 2021-2026. Each of the 5 sections of the platform corresponds to a definite direction: rising the accessibility of collections and archives (Collections), enriching the visitors' experience and educational opportunities (Media library), creating virtual spaces for audience and professionals (Virtual presence), encouraging international partnerships (Institutional database), sharing knowledge and encouraging curiosity through edutainment formats (Edutainment).

The content of the platform will grow regularly. If you own some materials that you wish to share or have some thoughts for cooperation, please, contact us via nonmuseum@p-10.ru.

We express our gratitude to the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, the RSS Society "Free Culture" and to all the employees and partners involved.

Anastasia Patsey,
the director of the Museum of Nonconformist Art

Rights for the materials, published on the web page nonmuseum.plus belong to the authors of the materials, if not stated otherwise. Questions about the usage of the published materials and about cooperation can be addressed to MoNA administration at nonmuseum@p-10.ru
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